Dairy Suppliers

Depending on your personal dietary objectives or constraints it is best approaching dairy with as much knowledge of your supplier as possible, ensuring that best practices are followed & that you are buying from a reputable source.

Best case is to buy from Grass Fed cattle raised on an organic diet. Some people tolerate the Goats milk better than Cow’s, due to the proteins present in the milk.

If you are uncertain proceed with moderation, and see what works for you. Always remembering when it comes to animal products ‘You are what you eat, eats’!

The below is a list of suppliers of dairy products, this list has come into being through the necessity of us trying to source raw dairy products. Our mission is and always will be to support local suppliers where possible & we hope you will do so too.

It takes time & effort to locate small local producers, but the quality of product & unique experience of meeting passionate people is reward in itself for the extra effort. It is our hope that the below will assist in your own experiences & any recommendations you have please let us know & we will help spread the word.


Raw & Organic Certified


Hook & Son

Raw Cows Milk / Butter / Ghee



Fen Farm Dairy

Raw Milk / Butter



Organic but Pasteurised


Berkeley Farm Dairy

Milk / Cream / Butter

Organic guernsey cows, pasteurised but not homogenised.





Organic grass fed summer, grass sileage in winter. Milk is pasteurised not homogenised.





Organic grass fed March to Nov, fed organic feed December to Feb.

TBC on milk processes



Pasture Fed Non-Organic


Isigny Ste Mere

Butter / Cream / Cheese

Pasture Fed 7 months year,


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