Bone Broth

Bone Broth

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Bone Broth


⁃ Organic Pasture Fed Chicken or Beef Bones (Feet/Neck/Carcass)

⁃ 2 Onions

⁃ 2 Carrots

⁃ 2 Sticks celery

⁃ 3 Cloves Garlic

⁃ 2cm of ginger

⁃ Additional Veg: Kale / Spinach / Cabbage

⁃ Parsley

⁃ 4-6 Bay Leaves

⁃ 3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

⁃ 1 Tbsp Salt

⁃ 1 Tbsp Turmeric

⁃ Pepper to taste

⁃ 2 Litres Filtered Water


    ⁃ Use the absolute best quality bones possible. If you have a local organic butcher they will sometimes give these to you as they may be going to waste so do ask

    ⁃ First Roast your bones, this enables all the bone marrow goodness to be released into the broth

    ⁃ Preferably use a slow cooker if not a big stock pot will do

    ⁃ Lay your bones in pot, and pour the ACV over the bones, this further helps release all the goodness in the bones

    ⁃ Slice all of the vegetables & herbs roughly & add to pot over chicken bones

    ⁃ Pour over the filtered water & turn on slow cooker to low for at least 12 hours, but longer is better

    ⁃ If using a stove turn on to a medium heat to allow pot to simmer & then turn to a low simmer, again at least 12 hrs is best

    ⁃ Once cooking is complete allow to cool & remove the bones & then fine strain the broth into suitable air tight containers, screw top Kilner Jars are good for this

    ⁃ Keep refrigerated & can then be used as a stock, drank hot or cold or used as a base to add depth & flavour to soup, stews, curries or multitude of other dishes.

  • For a quick easy meal warm up some of the bone broth & add you favourite veggies, spirals some courgette, add meat if you wish or any other flavourings you like for an enriching wholesome easy meal!