Our Story

It is said that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life and we discovered this for ourselves in 2015. As I neared the end of the aisle and my future husband looked at me the way he did, it was in that moment that I felt in love and loved. Slushy, I know, but now that stands as an important and useful memory for both of us.

Once it was all over and all that remained was to head back to reality, that’s exactly what hit, reality. David had for sometime struggled with different levels of discomfort after eating, he underwent numerous tests to check for allergies and intolerances with no success, knowing there had to be a solution, he set out to learn for himself what could be effecting him simply through reading and research and of course some trial and error! We reached the conclusion that diet was the major contributing factor and gluten was a strong contender for being a main offender. So we began a lifestyle of gluten free, refined sugar free and processed food free eating.

For me, I took a little while to realise the feelings that were always present for me were actually an exhausting and overwhelming mix of anxiety, stress, fear and depression. I decided one day, when I thought to myself that this cannot be it, this can’t be right to feel like this, I took what felt like a giant leap and faced it head on. I discovered mindfulness, meditation and Yoga.

Together David and I have begun building a lifestyle that is all about living life, not about diets or rules, simply finding what works and most important of all, what is good for you, both in mind and diet.

We are not professionals in the fields of science, nutrition, psychology or health. In fact, like most people, we work in completely separate fields with demanding jobs & heavy travel commitments, meaning achieving a healthy balance between work commitments & personal ones is a difficult balance to achieve, but one we have made huge strides in obtaining and this blog is us sharing our successes & failures which we hope will help others on their own journey through this increasingly hectic, complicated & modern world.

We would like to share our story with you as we continue on our pathway all about mind and body, endeavouring to make both happy and healthy.


Rachel & David