Bone Broth – The Nutritional Power House

We can’t think of a recipe with more heritage in human history than the humble bone broth, this is one of the oldest ways of preparing food in human history.

Our ancestors had the knowledge that there is a great deal of nutrition in the carcass of their hunt, and certainly would not have wasted such an opportunity to benefit from it.

Revered in many cultures throughout human history for its many health benefits, a version of Bone Broth has been used in as diverse cultures from Chinese medicine prescribed as support to digestive health, through to more recent cultures being used as cold remedy and its anti-inflammatory properties.

All of these health benefits were know to our ancestors until relatively recently, until mass production, lifestyle changes & availability of fast food has eradicated that knowledge & understanding of food preparation for many families.

Well this is an easy recipe that takes a little preparation & can be left to its own devices to stew away in your slow cooker whilst you get on with your life. But don’t let the ease of this recipe or its limited ingredients give you a sense this is an underwhelming dish.

The combination of animal or fish bones, a few vegetables, herbs & lots of water create an incredibly nourishing & warming broth that can be enjoyed on its own with added veg for a heartening broth or can be combine in a multitude of ways to add depth & flavour to stocks, soups, stews, curries or steam frying vegetables.

The bulk of health benefits lie in all the goodness in those bones, the long slow cooking releases collagen, gelatine, proline & other gut boosting compounds as well as other easily absorbed & digested minerals such as calcium & magnesium.

For this reason sourcing quality ingredients is of paramount importance, remembering ‘you are what you eat eats’ when it comes to animal products, ensure you buy organic animal bones that have been raised on a healthy grass fed diet for maximum health benefits.

This is a nutritional power house and will have a fantastic effect not only on your digestion & gut health, but also you skin and your joints. This is a dish you can easily incorporate into your and your families everyday diets.

We always keep a batch of it in the fridge at all times as well as a batch in the freezer for when we run out so we never have to be without its healing goodness!

Click the link to see our recipe & get involved in making your own…

Bone Broth

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