Believed to have originated in Tunisia, this Middle Eastern dish (Meaning ‘Mixture’ in Arabic) is eaten widely across many Middle Eastern Countries has many variations, but the core ingredients nearly always include tomatoes, eggs, chilli & spices.

This combination makes for a great post workout food, and a delicious weekend brunch. The sauce can even be made in advance, ready to go when ever you are.

Many other variations exist including adding additional veggies, such as peppers, aubergines, greens, potatoes, beans of all varieties and of course any meat that is available.

I have also come across many green versions of this where the tomatoes are substituted for an assortment of green vegetables chopped to form a type of coarse pesto.

The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity & its diversity, its difficult to get wrong & any fresh vegetables, meat or herbs you have around can be used up, this is our tomato based version with lots of smoked paprika for a deep rich flavour.

Have a go at the recipe, play around with your own combo’s and let us know what you think…


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