The Burger

The first in our series of home made healthier ‘Take Aways’ is the good old Burger!

The taste of a great burger is unbeatable, so why let your New Year’s resolutions or dietary restraints prevent you from enjoying what can be a nutritious & balanced meal.

Our take on this uses our Keto Nut muffin recipe, with a Beef Patty made into mini sliders. Then the fun really comes into play with the toppings, in our version we used our homemade pate, topped with avocado.

For sides we made our baked pumpkin wedges, sautéed greens with tomato chilli dressing.

However you are free of course to take the elements you want to make from this & mix it up with your ingredients, or chose any of our other great side recipes to add to your meal…enjoy!

Hit the links below;

Keto Nut Muffin Recipe

The Burger Recipe

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