Our outlook for 2018 & the launch of the DIY Take Aways…

With the arrival of a New Year, so begins the onslaught of advice on what to eat, how to eat it, how to exercise & where to do it. What you should be reading, watching, wearing with social media, new apps & books clambering for your attention 24/7.

Compounded with the regret or guilt of over indulging during the Christmas period anyone could be forgiven for setting unattainable goals for the new year, that no doubt will have subsided come mid Feb, creating a fresh new bout of guilt.

We do not subscribe to that, we are not coming up with any new years resolutions nor adopting any new dietary changes, we are continuing just where we left off in 2017.

We are continuing to follow a diet of healthy organic produce, and eating home made meals using fresh produce from scratch, that as we see it is a sustainable lifestyle choice that we can all make.

Further to that we are not going to be stopping from indulging or making the foods we love. It is our belief that by consuming the foods we enjoy, in moderation, with the occasional over indulgence of course, that we can create a healthy balanced lifestyle that creates happiness & fulfilment.

And we want to help anyone who is interested in following a similar path, which is why we are going to be publishing a new series of recipes, designed to help you create your favourite Weekend Takeaway meals but without the unhealthy ingredients you may find in a takeaway meal. With these recipes you will be able to create healthy fresh meals, that taste great for you & your family to enjoy together.

And if everyone mucks in then they shouldn’t any longer to make than a take away would to arrive!

See further blog posts for the recipes & more details.

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