From Garden to Plate…

Although the balmy weather we are facing here in the UK isn't always as we'd like it, there are certain benefits to the erratic mixture of sun & heavy rain.

The courgette seedlings (Black Beauty variety) sown in May & planted out early June are now fully established & are fruiting regularly around 2-3 courgettes a week. Don't be afraid to cut off some of the larger leaves if they are starting to over crowd each other, particularly if it means giving the flowers more exposure;

FullSizeRender 2

Elsewhere in the garden I have harvested the onions & garlic to let them dry out for a week outside, before bringing them inside to dry further and then putting them into storage.

It is also time to harvest any other root veg that are ready, including beets & carrots;


These are best eaten straight away whilst fresh, and have endless possibilities. We like to roast Beetroots whole, with the skins on (This keeps the flavour in & the skins easily peel off once cooked) softening them nicely to put into a fresh seasonal salad, be sure to keep the leafy tops to include in your salad too!

FullSizeRender 4

Baked Root Veg & Kale Salad

Above image of our Baked Root Veg & Kale salad, using the leafy Beetroot tops. All ingredients grown in the garden, with the exception of a bit of seasoning!

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