Carrot & Orange Cake

Carrot and Orange cake

Carrot & Orange Cake Recipe

David’s favourite cake has to be good old carrot cake, before we took to the path of gluten free eating we had the most delicious carrot cake as our wedding cake.

Since our change in diet I have never attempted to create a carrot cake, well it was David’s birthday and I thought I would make the effort to try and bake a gluten free, organic, refined sugar free carrot cake!

This could go horribly wrong, it is his favourite after all.

Well, I have to stay I was pretty happy with the result, smug you might say. It was delicious!


The key I think was mixing all the wet ingredients together separately and then adding to the flour.

I’m going to do this recipe again but next time make smaller individual cake, hopefully that will stop us devouring the whole cake at speed!


Carrot & Orange Cake Recipe


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