Growing our own..

So we have set about a new venture, growing our own fruit and veg. For about a year we have insisted on a diet of organic fruit and vegetables, turning away from the processed, packaged, who knows how old it is, pesticide grown produce we see in the supermarkets today.

We very quickly discovered just how expensive it is to uphold an organic lifestyle so we are going to give it a go ourselves and grow some of our favourites in the garden. The photo shows courgette making a appearance in its early stages.

For David this is an exciting process of creating his own food but for both of us it is a hobby that encourages slow living, time spent in the garden , getting fresh air for a start, whilst enjoying watching them grow.

Taking time to slow down is so important and gardening is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and turn off from other stresses.

Heres to a summer of enjoying, hopefully quite literally, the fruits of our labors!


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