Feeling anxious about anxiety

When David and I started Our Mindful Mind we both felt we had made huge steps moving forward in working on our health and states of mind. Sometimes life is just a bit on the challenging side and just when you feel you are making progress you can suddenly feel you are right back at the beginning again. My anxiety seemed to be at high levels again recently and I found that really hard, in fact I have found myself punishing myself, being cross with myself as if I have let myself down. Well, I realise now that it takes a little longer than you may think to learn how to deal with anxiety, its a learning process and will inevitably have highs and lows.
Don’t beat yourself up when you feel low or anxious, it is completely natural to have moments where you feel in your ‘bad place’. Its good to try and remember that these feelings and moments will pass and won’t be how you always feel.
I heard some great advice that actually sounds simple but something I never did before and that’s noting the moments when you feel your anxiety has passed, recognising the moment you feel more at ease and enjoy that moment.

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